Before & After School Programs

FishCreek Kids Academy Before & After School Program

At FishCreek Kids Academy, we’re excited to offer before and after school programs for kids ages 5 to 12, in the Magnolia, Conroe and Montgomery Independent School Districts (ISDs).

Our after-school educational programs help children grow or, if they were a part of FishCreek Kids Academy’s preschool, continue their growth. For us, it’s a rewarding opportunity to watch and help our FishCreek kids grow beyond their preschool years.

Why Kids Benefit From After School Programs

Our after school programs offer many benefits to children, especially during their early elementary-school years. At FishCreek Kids Academy, we build on those benefits with our holistic teaching style.

Children in these programs often perform better academically because they have the chance to ask and learn more about a topic from our caring teachers.

Our teachers help your child develop a love of learning, as well as teach them healthy habits for snacking and playing with their friends.

Friends aren’t in short supply at FishCreek Kids Academy. After-school programs are a wonderful way for your child to make friends outside of school and build their emotional and social skills — a cornerstone of our holistic teaching approach.

Where We Pick-Up

Because of our unique location in Magnolia, we are able to reach and teach kids from three school districts and five elementary schools.

Our before and after school programs include transportation to and from the following districts and elementary schools:

Magnolia ISD

Conroe ISD

Montgomery ISD

After School Programs
After School Programs

How to Join FishCreek Kids Academy

If you’re searching for an elementary-aged, educational afterschool program, with pick-up and drop-off, near schools like Bear Branch, Keenan, Stewart, Ellisor or Lone Star, you have come to the right place!

At FishCreek Kids Academy our goal is to create a nurturing, fun environment for kids to grow and build a healthy body and mind while developing empathy and respect for others.

We’d love to share more about our before and after school programs, as well as answer your questions. Send us an email or give us a call, and we’d be happy to help! You’re also welcome to register for our online waitlist for the before and after school program.