Toddler Development Programs

Our Toddler Development Programs

Toddlers exude the curiosity and confidence that come with learning to navigate this world. They attack each new day with energy, and their excitement when they master a new concept or motor skill is contagious. It’s hard not to smile at their antics, and we share a lot of laughter in our daycare and childcare programs for 1- and 2-year olds.

We aim to provide a safe environment for your toddler to discover new things, practice their walking and talking, and even experiment with boundaries — an important part of any young person’s development, no matter what stage they are in. Our Hoppers I and II classes have fun curriculums that help children increase problem-solving skills and use verbal communication to improve their language development. We know your child will grow from this rewarding program for toddlers in Conroe, Magnolia, Montgomery, Woodforest and nearby areas of Texas.

We Focus on Holistic Development at One of the Best Preschools in the Area

Holistic development means helping a child mature creatively and emotionally as well as physically. We emphasize methods that speak to all these levels, such as splitting our toddlers into two groups — 12 to 17 months and 18 to 24 months — so they are with other children at the same stages of development. This peer-to-peer interaction will help get your child ready for future schooling.

Your child will build on concepts introduced to them in our infant program, such as learning shapes and colors, dancing and using their imagination. We encourage the natural inquisitiveness of toddlers by providing them with new experiences and materials they can explore in a safe and protected setting.

How We Differ From Other Child Care Programs for Toddlers in Texas

Many preschools focus only on fun. We believe in fun for a purpose and employ purposeful learning experiences as often as possible. Our enjoyable activities are designed to keep the children’s attention while also helping them solve a problem, communicate or move. Toddlers hate to sit still, and we tailor our Hoppers I and II programs to this desire to interact physically while also engaging their brains. We do this through activities for younger and older toddlers, such as:

  • Rolling
  • Crawling
  • Tossing
  • Catching
  • Cuddling

Communication and talking are a critical part of toddlers’ progression. Our emphasis on language, through reading time, music, rhymes and other activities, let kids become more comfortable with using new words and forming questions and answers.

The Advantages of Choosing FishCreek Kids Academy Over Other Day Care Programs for Toddlers

One of the hallmarks of our program is the recognition that mom and dad are the kids’ most important and lifelong teachers. That’s why we share daily progress reports with you, designed to highlight the things your child has mastered and the things they are struggling with, as well as the amusing adventures they had in your absence.

Children learn more during these early years than at any other period in their lives. Our unique approach to preschool education recognizes how crucial it is to adapt learning to your child’s age group. When you bring your toddler to FishCreek Kids Academy, they will meet new playmates and socialize in ways appropriate for toddlers.

We know you have many choices for preschools in Woodforest, the Woodlands, Montgomery and other nearby towns in Texas. Your child deserves childcare customized to their age and skill level. Let FishCreek Kids Academy help your toddler take the next steps in their development.

Contact us today via our online contact form or by calling 281-259-3474. Get your child on our waitlist for the Happy Hoppers I or Happy Hoppers II program today.