Summer Camps at FishCreek Kids Academy

FishCreek Kids Academy is more than just a preschool. It’s also an educational summer camp for school-aged children throughout the Magnolia, Montgomery, The Woodlands, and Conroe areas.

Our summer program offers full-time hours for you and weekly field trips for them. You’ll be entertained with stories of adventure throughout the summer months — trust us.

When we aren’t out on an adventure, we’re helping your child review and expand their knowledge from the previous school year, giving them an advantage when classes resume.

The Benefits of Educational Summer Camps

Educational summer camps benefit your child as well as your family. It’s difficult as a working parent to ensure your child has reliable child care and is making the most of their summer. FishCreek Kids Academy helps make your life a little easier when school is out.

Kids enrolled in summer camps experience three proven benefits:


Educational summer camps are shown to improve a child’s academic confidence and knowledge, as well as develop their skills. FishCreek Kids Academy also helps prepare your child for their upcoming school year.


Social summer camp benefits go beyond just making friends. It’s about finding others who share your child’s passions and interests. With a network of like-minded friends, your child’s passions and support system grow, encouraging them to follow their interests.


Personal growth, especially for school-aged kids, is a big benefit to summer camps held at educational development centers like FishCreek Kids Academy. Children often gain self-awareness and continue their growth in maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Make Your Summer a FishCreek Adventure!

We love our FishCreek kids, and we know it’s tough to find reliable child care over the summer. So, before you ask — yes, we’d be happy to have them.

At FishCreek Kids Academy, we’re a unique educational development and child care center that has a holistic teaching approach. We offer an education that nurtures and grows your child’s mind, body and self-awareness.

Our educational summer camps are available for kids throughout Magnolia, Conroe, Woodforest, and Montgomery, Texas. If you’re looking for an educational summer camp near you, contact us by giving us a call or sending an email. We’d be happy to chat! Registration for our summer camps is also available online.


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