Our Preschool Development Programs

The enthusiasm shown by preschoolers each day makes them an invigorating presence in our day care. They greet each other with excitement each morning, and that energy doesn’t wane throughout the day. Their hours are spent learning shapes, colors, letters and numbers while they perfect their speaking and problem solving, real life skills. By day’s end, they may be exhausted, but they are still happy to give goodbye hugs and high-fives. If you have a preschooler and you are looking for the best early childhood educational programs near Woodforest, Magnolia and surrounding areas of Texas, you should check out FishCreek Kids Academy. We offer day care and preschool for 2-, 3- and 4-year-olds that focus on holistic development and individualized small group attention for every type of learner. We have three main programs for these ages.

Beavers and Fawns: Growing Their Knowledge Base

For children ages 2 and 3, our Beavers and Fawns program encourages kids to expand their creative horizons through imaginative play and other hands-on activities. At this age, youngsters begin interacting more with their peers. Your child will take part in games and lessons designed to help them work together with others and feel comfortable in a group dynamic. We also continue the motor skill development from our younger classes, through activities such as:
  • Assembling puzzles
  • Outdoor play, including running, catching and jumping
  • Arts and crafts
Language remains a major focus throughout all the preschool programs at FishCreek Kids Academy. Your child will participate in storytime and learn to express themselves through sign language. Our preschoolers love our artistic endeavors as well, such as role-playing and construction projects. We also stress improving listening skills in the Beavers and Fawns classes.

Foxes: Presenting New Concepts

Our 3-year-old class introduces the most basic of academic concepts to your child. We start to explore how practice makes perfect as the children learn things such as how to write and identify letters, count to 15 and the master the proper way to grip a pencil. We also:
  • Talk about animals
  • Model and discuss healthy, safe behaviors
  • Practice good manners
  • Delve into higher-level topics such as science, countries, transportation and community
The curriculum we use, Handwriting Without Tears, helps lay a sound foundation for your child’s future. We teach them correct formation of letters and numbers, using objects around the classroom such as playdoh and wood to demonstrate the curve or straight line they write. Our aim as one of the best preschools in the area is to help your child feel confident and successful while they move through the stages of learning, introducing them to science and art and getting them ready to build on this early groundwork to eventually move on to writing, reading and arithmetic.

Turtles: Learning and Cooperating

Older 3- and 4-year-olds move into our Turtles class, where they advance the phonic activities they began as Foxes and/or Fawns. We tailor our lessons to each individual child. Some may be perfecting the right way to hold their pencil, while others may begin learning lower case letters. Your child will be taught how to recognize high-frequency words and read simple emergent readers. Our math curriculum expands to the numbers 1-30, and we keep emphasizing the concepts from Learning Without Tears. At all levels of our preschool education program, kids play and interact with their peers as they learn. Social development is part of the holistic approach we take at every level at FishCreek Kids Academy. Emotional development includes strategies for practicing self-control and embracing cooperation. Our Turtles will:
  • Prepare for entry into our Pre-K-Kindergarten Readiness Program
  • Acquire an appreciation for print rich books
  • Work on comparisons between shapes, colors, sizes and more
  • Expand their vocabularies

We Are One of the Top Day Cares Near You

If you live in Magnolia, Montgomery, Woodforest, the Woodlands or surrounding areas of Texas, you should check out the exceptional child care and preschool programs available at FishCreek Kids Academy. Whether your child needs all-day care or you just want a place for them to go for a few hours each week to start their education, we can provide a safe, caring environment where your child will thrive. Your kids are the most treasured part of your life, and we will always treat them that way. We encourage you to put their names on our waiting lists for the Beavers, Fawns, Foxes and Turtles programs. We also hope you will contact us online or give us a call at 281-259-3474 with any questions you may have.