Pre-K Programs

Our Pre-K Readiness Programs

Our school systems ask a lot of kindergarteners. They need to be able to pay attention and come to school ready to learn from day one in order to achieve the benchmarks set for elementary students. Helping children bridge that gap between preschool and kindergarten can help lay the foundation for a lifetime of successful learning. Kids who understand simple concepts — such as letters and numbers — and know how to interact with peers and actively participate during lessons will have a smoother adjustment period.

At FishCreek Kids Academy, we offer educational development programs for kids ages 4 and 5 that can help get them ready for kindergarten. Our early learning academy focuses on preparing your child for their first year of formal education. We have curriculum to address their academic needs as well as lessons that emphasize other aspects of holistic development, such as emotional, physical and creative growth.

How Is FishCreek Kids Academy Different From Other Pre-K Programs Near Me?

If you live in the Woodforest, Magnolia, Montgomery or Conroe, Texas, areas, you have plenty of choices for preschool programs for 4- and 5-year-olds. Why should you pick us? The answer is simple: We will get your child ready for kindergarten.

We base our lessons, peer interactions, creative play opportunities and more around the skills kindergarteners need. Your child won’t find the same advanced concepts at other day care or preschool programs. That includes:

  • Focus on long and short consonants and vowels and beginning blends
  • Write and create short sentences
  • Reading emergent readers with simple words
  • Recognizing numbers 1-50 at a minimum
  • Learning greater than and less than concepts
  • Math skills including patterns, sorting, and graphing
  • Science skills and STEM activities
  • Physical Education program emphasizing movement benefits and refining coordination skills
  • Creative and visual arts including storytelling and culinary skills

The Benefits of Choosing Our Pre-Kindergarten Preschool Programs

Kindergarten is more than just academics. The social and emotional elements are equally important. Your child needs to know how to relate to peers in real life situations and pay attention, or it will be a difficult year. Our pre-K program encourages self-expression balanced with self-control, helping kids learn how to cope with difficult situations and enjoy the feeling of success when they accomplish a new task. We emphasize problem-solving skills so they can learn to do it themselves as they get older.

Of course, physical and imaginative play also pay great dividends for children this age. They need these outlets in order to focus in the classroom, and we make this time as productive as possible by combining lessons with discussions about manners and health.

A child who feels confident in their abilities and eager to learn will have the best chance for success in kindergarten. You need the best children’s academy in the Woodlands, Montgomery and surrounding areas in Texas to help your child get to that point. Contact FishCreek Kids Academy today via our online contact form or by giving us a call at 281-259-3474. You can also sign up now for our pre-K waitlist for the Respectful Raccoons class.