Tips for Sending Your Child to Preschool for First-Time Parents

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Tips for Sending Your Child to Preschool for First-Time Parents

Do you remember being nervous for the first day of school as a kid? You may feel that way as a parent, too. Sending your child to preschool for the first time is one of the first major schooling milestones of your little one’s life. It’s important to give your son or daughter a great start, and the best way to do this is to be as ready as you can, anticipating all the little things that may come up. With that in mind, we’ve prepared this list of things you need to know before sending your child to preschool. This includes ways to help your child have a good first day at preschool, and ways to help your child have a good experience at preschool. Before you know it, school will be the highlight of their day — and you’ll be an old pro at sending them.

Shop Ahead of Time for the Right Supplies

Ask your preschool for a list of items your child will need for the coming year. This will likely include:
  • Backpack
  • Change of clothes in case of accidents
Make sure to put your child’s name is on everything. You would be surprised how many kids show up with the same exact lunchbox.

Figure Out Transportation

Know who will drop your child off and pick them up every day, and provide the school with an authorized pickup list. Ask about any dropoff procedures you should be familiar with. Some schools have teachers stand outside and bring the kids in. Others prefer parents take them to the classroom. Let the teacher know any changes in daily pickup and drop-off routines, such as a grandparent or friend filling in. Some schools also require fill-ins to show ID.

Talk About Snacks Beforehand

Does your child have any food allergies? Let the preschool know ahead of time so they can provide appropriate snacks or so you can arrange to provide your own. If your child doesn’t have allergies, you should still ask about others in the class so you don’t send in something that could endanger another child. You should also discuss any medicines your child may need if they’re exposed to an allergen, such as an epi-pen treatment.

Fill out All the Appropriate Forms and Contact Information

Make sure the preschool has contact information for all parents, guardians and emergency contacts before the first day of school. Getting this paperwork in before the first day leads to better organization for the school.

Get Ready the Night Beforehand

First-time parents sending a child to school will quickly learn the more they can do the night before, the better. Lay out your child’s outfit, have their bag packed and make sure you know the route to school. This will put you a step ahead because mornings are always more hectic than you expect.

Other Tips for Preparing to Send Your Child to Preschool

Three other ways you can help the first day go smoothly:
  1. Try not to cry in front of your child. Though you may be feeling emotional (which is perfectly normal), this may cause your child to worry, making the transition more difficult for both you and your child.
  2. Send a comfort item along with your child, such as a blankie or favorite stuffed animal. They may outgrow the need for it quickly, but it helps during the first week.

Make Preschool a Time Your Child Will Treasure

By preparing in advance, you can ensure your child has a wonderful preschool experience. Are you ready to get your child enrolled in preschool? Contact FishCreek Kids Academy to learn about our early learning and pre-K opportunities for kids. You can call us at (281) 259-3474, get in touch online or sign up for our waiting list if you are ready to enroll. We look forward to meeting you and your child!