Tips to Help You Manage Your Child’s Exposure to Technology

Little boy watching tv

Tips to Help You Manage Your Child’s Exposure to Technology

If you have a child of any age, chances are you are fighting the technology battle. Kids love to use screens. But parents have to limit that usage for their children’s good. Studies have shown that too much screen time can impact child development. You want your kid to grow up technologically savvy, but not to their own detriment. Luckily, we can offer you a few tips on managing that tech time.

Why Should You Put Restrictions on Screen Time?

There are many benefits of limiting children’s access to technological devices. Some researchers suggest excessive screen time can lead to a host of problems, including lack of concentration, attention deficits, misbehavior and more. A University of Iowa study found kids with limited screen time:
  • Get more sleep
  • Are healthier
  • Have fewer behavior issues
  • Receive better grades
However, most agree there is not comprehensive evidence screens will adversely impact kids in the long term, so they advise limiting rather than eliminating screen time. Time spent with screens also cuts into kids’ other activities, such as playing, reading and resting. Those are all important components of growing up.

Ways to Reduce Screen Time for Kids

Most pediatricians agree kids should have two hours or less of screen time per day. As a parent, you will need to implement some ground rules for device usage if your kids want to play with phones or tablets all day. Here are a few ideas:
  • Talk to your child about why you are setting limits, so they understand the impact screen time has
  • Set a timer to limit each screen session to 30 minutes
  • Avoid using the TV as a babysitter — find special time for screen time
  • Model healthy digital habits for your children
This last one may be one of the most important tips to help you manage your child’s exposure to technology. Children watch their parents closely. If you are on your phone all the time, your child will think this is acceptable behavior for them, too. Instead, make an effort to spend time with your kids when they would otherwise be using electronics. Your entire family will benefit from this. You can bond over fun games and expand your kids’ minds with discussions and questions. As your children grow, they will see screens are not vital to their healthy development. This is especially helpful as your kids get older. The risk of cyberbullying grows, and children can be exposed to content you do not supervise. When you limit and oversee their screen time, you decrease the chance of these things happening, and your child will be happier for it.

Use Technology Like a Spice: Sparingly

Your kids need to learn how to use new technology to excel in the real world, but they don’t need to be steeped in it. Figure out ways to keep screens in their lives without overdosing on them. If you have questions about reaching that balance, you can always call us at (281) 259-3474 or contact us online. You can also register for FishCreek Kids Academy.